Boycott China Shirt Black


Boycott China Shirt Black



Boycott China T- Shirt

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Color: Black watermarks will not appear on the shirt.

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Reports are coming out that China was not open with the rest of the world in regards to the Coronavirus epidemic. China engaged in secrecy and subterfuge and this has sickened and killed their own people and people around the world. How many hundreds of thousands of people died from Covid-19 because the Chinese government downplayed the initial outbreak. It is time to rethink where we all purchase our products. By taking advantage of cheap and cheaply made Chinese goods we have been supporting a brutal dictatorship that clearly has no regard for the lives of their own people and even less for others. Even before the pandemic, China is well known for exporting products that sicken our families and kill our pets. Toys painted with lead, food ingredients that sicken our families and poison our pets. It is time to stop putting our dollars in the pockets of the Chinese government. It is time to buy from our own business owners. It is time to boycott Chinese tourism and cheap Chinese goods.  

We are encouraging everyone to Boycott China. We’re offering these t-shirts, indoor/outdoor decals, bumper stickers and more. Spread the news! It’s time for the rest of the world to wean themselves off of cheap Chinese products. It’s time to become self-sufficient.

There are multiple countries other than China where we can spend our tourism dollars. And there are other countries that make products – countries that don’t flood our markets with counterfeit goods that run our American business owners out of business – countries that don’t lace our food products and children’s toys with fentanyl and lead.

Join us in Boycotting China! Giving them our dollars hasn’t changed their behavior. It’s time to stop kowtowing to them in exchange for cheap goods.


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