How to Boycott Made in China Products

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How to Boycott Made in China Products

We are calling for the Boycott of China and everything made in China.

Boycotting Chinese made products lets you put their money where your values are. This Boycott of China offers you and all Americans a way to take a stand against a country that is doing so much damage to the rest of the world. Join your fellow Americans in a bipartisan Boycott of China made products and businesses owned by the Chinese. Of course, we are not speaking of boycotting American businesses owned by Americans of Chinese descent, we are speaking of businesses that have been bought by Chinese nationals and are no longer U.S. companies.

Please see the rest of our site and find out why we are talking of this Boycott Chinese-made goods as a reaction to the actions of Communist China.


How and Why this boycott of China will work.

To totally boycott Chinese made goods won’t be easy. They have permeated our economy to a level that has driven many U.S. manufacturers out of business and they are now the only source for certain goods. But we start by making choices where we have choices. If you need a product and you can choose between something that was Made in China and something that was made elsewhere, you can choose to purchase the option made elsewhere. Every dollar we stop spending on Chinese-made goods is a dollar that is not supporting a communist regime and is a dollar that is supporting our fellow Americans or supporting a more friendly government. That is why Boycott China Now targets the money. We can call and write our representatives but we can also take matters in our own hands by voting with our pocketbook. Don’t vote for China, vote for America. Boycott Chinese goods and buy Made in America. Support your fellow Americans and stop giving dollars to China to fund their military, to fund their propaganda, to fund their expansionist behaviors. Stop rewarding them for stealing patents and copyrights from your countrymen. Stop being China’s source of income.

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Below we are adding links to the names of all the businesses that we can find that are either owned by Communist Chinese or majority-owned by Communist Chinese. We recommend that you use this as a starting point to investigate these companies before you publicly boycott them and if you know of companies we are missing, please reach out to us so we can add to the list to aid others in their boycott.

Follow the link below and scroll to the bottom of the pages for lists of China owned Companies in the US.

Follow the link below and scroll to the bottom of the pages for lists of China owned eBay Stores that sell counterfeit goods in the USA. This list is not a complete comprehensive list of China owned Companies selling stolen US Copyrighted and trademarked goods, but rather just a 2-month sample of what we have found.

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  1. Chinese clothing is available everywhere, in fact you would be hard pressed to find clothing from other countries in companies like Ralph Lauren and J. Crew.

    Do your research and boycott these companies

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