China Blames America for COVID 19. Again.




China Blames America for COVID 19 Again.
Once again, today 4-26-2020, Communist China is trying to rewrite history by  blaming the COVID 19 pandemic on the U.S. military. China spreads their propaganda around the world with demands. “Be transparent! Make public your data! U.S. owes us an explanation!”

In October of 2019 the Military Olympics were held in Wuhan. U.S. Military athletes participated. A Communist Chinese for The Global Times, Zhao, noted in an article in The Global Times that it was shortly after these games that the coronavirus outbreak occurred. He was implying that it was suspicious timing as if the athletes brought the virus with them.

A Beijing-based military expert, Wei Dongxu, told The Global Times that at the early states of the virus, the U.S. Military was mobilizing troops across the globe. He made the statement that this mobilization would “very likely” be the source of the virus as infected US soldiers spread the virus across the world.

“Is the U.S. military a victim or a spreader of the virus?” Wei asked. “This needs detailed investigations and the Pentagon should shoulder the responsibility to publish related information… including core data like when the disease first started in the U.S. military”.

This type of propaganda is being spread around the world through advertisements and Communist China news outlets.
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