Boycott Chinese Companies and Majority Owned Companies In The U.S.

We need to stop buying Chinese goods. We as a whole need to make a clear and concise effort to Boycott China Now. Most people don’t even notice the fact that they are buying Chinese products. They don’t notice that they are patronizing Majority Owned Companies that continually work on behalf of China’s interests. There are just to many things that we don’t make in America anymore. Over time, industries that could not compete with the subsidized markets of China go under and have thus lost their incentive to produce products that compete against their cheaper Chinese counterparts. That is why, if you haven’t yet decided, you need to choose American made over Chinese. We need to hit them where it hurts. Their pocketbooks. We need to curb their profit incentive so that their subsidized goods are no longer able to compete with quality American made goods. This is where you can make a difference. Each and every individual purchase may seem like a small price to pay but as a whole, this is where you can make a massive impact. We need to make that conscious decision, to make that commitment to start with what you can, where you can. Buy American.

It took quite a while for the United States of America to wake up to the fact that Communist China didn’t and doesn’t have the best of intentions in mind. Our politicians allowed China to steal, cheat, and kill Americans for decades in an effort to try and bribe the Communist Party of China (CPC) into converting to capitalism. Looking back now, I think we can realize that this experiment was a total failure. All they did was create a thug state that steals and cheats with impunity, our patents, our copyrights, and our trademarks. Its time for we the people rise up and have our voices heard. Boycott China Now.

Now that China is nearing our equals economically, they’re no longer obscuring the fact that they been in a cold war with the U.S. for over 50 years. (See China’s Secret War With America)

We are listing the names of the business that we can find that are either Owned by Communist Chinese or majority-owned by Communist Chinese.


We recommend that you use this as a starting point to investigate these companies before you publicly boycott them.

These are the big names.
AMC Theaters Americas largest movie theater chain was bought by Communist China in 2012 for $2.6 billion. 

Smithfield Foods This huge $7.1-billion-dollar Chinese buyout completed in 2013.

Legendary Entertainment Group $3.5 billion deal in 2016

GE Appliances $5.4 billion deal  in 2016

The Waldorf Astoria in 2014 China owned companies paid nearly $2 billion,

U.S. Insurer Fidelity & Guaranty Life 2016

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We will be adding them by state below.

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